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 Below are the description of some major Banks in Denmark...

Aarhus Lokalbank…

Aarhus Lokalbank Aarhus Lokalbank liability company formed back in 1908 in the name Bank of Craigieburn. In June 2007 the parent company changed its name to Aarhus Lokalbank Corporation and the decision to move headquarters to Aarhus was taken. On 1 May 2008 we moved into the new, beautiful domicile Duty chamber in Aarhus.

With the establishment of branches Langa Bank in 1995 and Aarhus Lokalbank in 2003, the bank is geared for further growth, and in recent years, they have recruited over 40 new staff to meet the rapid development in activity.

Their clientele is not characterized by certain groups of people but count people of all ages who live, is in training, has a job or doing business in their market areas.

Through its well-developed organization with independent branches of industry, agriculture, investment, and private customers, the bank has the right foundation to continue to meet the requirements for a professional bank.

In Aarhus Lokalbank are they not just on the track when it comes to real banking. They find it quite natural to commit ourselves wide - both in sport, culture, tourism, trade and industry, etc.

Jyske Bank…

Jyske Bank Jyske Bank A/S is a major Danish bank.

Jyske Bank is number three in Denmark in terms of share of the Danish banking market (approx. 7 %), it is the second-largest bank to be listed on Copenhagen Stock Exchange, and it is the largest bank in Denmark to be headquartered outside Copenhagen.

Jyske Bank A/S (the Bank) is a Denmark-based commercial bank. It is engaged in the provision of banking and financial services to private and small and medium-sized corporate customers. Its deposit products include pooled deposits. The Bank’s services for private customers include savings accounts, card services, loans, mortgages, pensions, as well as car, travel and household insurance. It also offers payment mediation, business accounts, investment and risk management, as well as advisory services to its corporate clients. In addition, the Bank provides asset management and investment fund services for investors. Jyske Bank A/S operates through 119 branches in Denmark, as well as through a number of subsidiaries and associated companies in such countries as Denmark, Switzerland, Gibraltar, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Jyske Bank is an independent bank owned by more than 245,000 shareholders by the end of 2006. No single shareholder has a controlling interest, and voting rights are restricted to a maximum 2,000 votes per shareholder, which helps to ensure the Bank's continued independence.

Being open and honest is one of the core values of the Jyske Bank Group. Traditionally, at Jyske Bank they formulate and communicate their values - and the way they understand and live by them - to the surrounding world. This offers their shareholders, customers and employees better opportunities of assessing Jyske Bank as an investment object, a business partner and an employer.

Jyske Bank's organisation is flat and de-centralised. All their branches operate separately within known policies and goals, and delegation of responsibility is their hallmark, also within individual branches.

Jyske Bank grants its employees the powers required to make decisions on a day-to-day basis. It takes at most two persons to make a decision: the customer-serving employee may make an application direct to a person holding the necessary authority.

Jyske Bank practices value-based management. This means that as many specific rules as possible have been replaced with principles and guidelines, within which employees can work independently.

Eik Bank…

Eik BankEik Bank is an online banking with more than 120,000 customers. They offer today's consumers an easy and simple banking solution with an emphasis on freedom and competent service.

Eik Bank A/S operates as a commercial bank and offers banking products and services such as depository accounts and loans. Eik Bank A/S was formerly known as Kaupthing Bank A/S. Eik Bank A/S was founded in 2000 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. As per the transaction announced on November 22, 2004, Eik Bank A/S is a subsidiary of Eik Banki P/F.

Den Danske Bank…

Danske Bank Measured by total assets, the Danske Bank Group is the largest financial enterprise in Denmark and one of the largest in the Nordic region. The Group offers Danish and international customers a wide range of services in the fields of banking, mortgage finance, insurance, leasing, real-estate brokerage and asset management.

The Group also has branches in London, Hamburg, and Warsaw. A subsidiary in Luxembourg specialises in private banking services, and one in St. Petersburg serves the Bank's corporate customers. In addition, the Group is represented in the leading international financial centres and in Denmark’s most important export markets.

The vision of the Danske Bank Group is “One platform – exceptional brands”. Their mission is to be “the best local financial partner”. Business areas in the Group are free to create their own visions and missions under the umbrella of the overall vision and mission.

A central IT platform provided by the Group and used to operate their various branded divisions. Today, all staff use the same IT systems and their products are developed in one resource area. They are also currently developing concepts covering the way they work with finance, HR, communications and credit.

In total, the Group serves 5 million retail customers and a significant number of public sector and institutional organizations. Some 2 million customers use the Bank's online services.

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