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 Below are the description of some major Banks in USA...

Amarillo's National Bank…

Founded in 1892 and now the largest family-owned bank in the nation, Amarillo National Bank has never been typical — and we’re proud of it. The maverick soul of Amarillo is still very much a part of our daily work and lives. At ANB, we’re fiercely independent, answering only to our customers. We have no outside stockholders or board of directors, no giant corporate headquarters full of concrete and shadows. It’s all here under the wide open skies of Amarillo.
ANB is guided by a pretty simple set of principles — a kind of code — that would be familiar to anybody who grew up here as we did. It’s about treating people right, and doing right by your community. We say what we mean and mean what we say. And we always remember where we come from, because there’s no place else we’d rather be.
In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to stand for something. At ANB, we stand up for the little guy and the small business. We stand by our neighbors in good times and bad. Maybe that’s why we’ve stood the test of time.

American Savings Bank California…

We realize right how employed you are. That's why we've been the cheater in providing easier structure to give, including Hawai's No.1 ATM service, phone bill-pay and in-store locations. Now we're egotistical to take to you the promo banking hours in Island. Most of our branches are undecided Mon finished Fri from 9am - 6pm and our in-store locations are gaping until 7pm. Advantageous with writer than 40 of our branches unstopped on Saturdays, 15 unresolved Sundays, several result locations staring on holidays and an large system of ATMs available 24-hrs. a day, you can cash when it's suitable for you.

Bank of Elk River…

The Bank of Elk River is committed to:
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations.
    We strive to exceed customer expectations through our superior personal service and a variety of quality products.
  • Providing Meaningful Community Service.
    We provide our community with service through direct financial support and the volunteer leadership of our staff.
  • Appreciating Our Employees.
    We recognize our employees as one of our most valued assets, challenging them professionally and rewarding them with stock ownership.
  • Maintaining a Sound Financial Institution while Encouraging Growth and Enhancing Shareholder Value.
    Our success is guided by the highest standards of financial integrity and fair business practices.
We are proud of our past and planning for a successful future.

Bank of Stockton…

We offer the latest in innovative services to help you with your banking needs. 

eStatements: Have your statement sent to you electronically on the day it cycles! Sign up for email statements, it's easy, there's no paper to file and it's free!

Access 24: is our 24-hour account information line. All you need is a touch-tone phone. There's no limit to the number of calls you can make and there's no charge! Use ACCESS 24 for questions on your deposit and loan accounts.

Cash Management: Managing your account effectively is critical in today’s business world. E-Cash is an economical way to assist you with this day to day responsibility. Now you can connect online to your bank accounts, making everyday banking easier than ever. It’s like having one of our Bankers at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Check Reordering: Want to re-order checks? We make it easy. 

Image Check System: Our Image Check System makes account balancing easy. It shows reduced copies of every cleared check in numerical order. This service is provided at no additional charge. 

Internet Banking/Bill Pay: Bank anytime, anywhere using your personal computer. Transfer funds, balance your accounts, even pay bills without writing checks or making one trip to the bank! 

Mobile Alerts: Now you can monitor the activity in your accounts and have the information delivered to you instantly by email or on your cell phone or mobile device. 

Mobile Banking: Our Mobile Internet Banking and Mobile Text give you two easy and secure ways to bank using your mobile phone! You can access balance information, transfer funds and more, allowing you to manage your banking through your mobile phone. 

Overdraft Protection: Our Overdraft Protection options cover your checks should your personal checking account unexpectedly become overdrawn.

Remote Deposit: Simply scan, view and submit your batch of checks from your own PC. With a scanner, special software and our support, this convenient service gives our business clients a way to deposit checks twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, from their desktop computer. Quicker funds availability at your fingertips.

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