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Below are the description of some major Banks in Sweden...

Avanza Bank …

Avanza Bank Avanza Bank is the commonest route for Swedish investors to make share transactions and change funds. It was founded in 1997 as the first online stock broker in Sweden. In 2001 it merged with and Aktiespararnas fondkommissionaer Aktiespar. This merger made Avanza the largest online broker in Sweden with more than 150 000 active customers and a 50% market share among the online brokers.The explanation as to why people have chosen to put their savings with Avanza Bank is simple. They are also working actively in providing their customers with the very best decision-making information available in the form of analyses, news and software. This, in combination with very competent customer support, means that Sweden's savers can always feel secure with them.

Carnegie Investment Bank…

Carnegie Investment Bank Carnegie was founded on 4 May 1803, when the Scotsman David Carnegie established the trading house D. Carnegie & Co AB in Gothenburg.
After 200 years, Carnegie is an independent Nordic investment bank operating in Securities, Investment Banking and Asset Management & Private Banking. Carnegie provides a wide array of financial products and services from offices in eight countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK and the U.S..
Carnegie is an independent Nordic investment bank with a strong position in securities broking, investment banking, asset management and private banking.
At Carnegie their firm ambition is to be a leader in the areas in which they operate. This can only be achieved by offering products and services of the highest quality. Their combination of knowledge and independence gives them the freedom to focus on the best solutions for their clients. As their client, you have a range of services from which to choose and, no matter what you choose, they promise to do their utmost to give you the best possible service. Once again, welcome to Carnegie.
Carnegie's position as the leading investment banking adviser in the Nordic region Wednesday raised strong sector focus blended with an international outlook and a committed local presence in each Nordic market. This combination underpins long-term client relationships, promotes the spotting of opportunities and provides a unique understanding of differences of culture, legislation and business environment. This combination during pins long-term client relationships, promotes the spotting of opportunities and provides a unique understanding of differences of culture, legislation and business environment.
Carnegie Asset Management offers high-quality asset management products based on a robust investment philosophy and a focused and structured investment process. The product range includes discretionary asset management services and mutual fund products. The product range includes discretionary asset management services and mutual fund products. All their products aim to bring superior value and deliver high returns to clients through innovatively constructed portfolios tailored to the clients’ needs. Clients are primarily institutional investors and external third-party distributors.
Carnegie Private Banking provides comprehensive and superior quality wealth management services to high net worth individuals, and assisted clients in protecting and enhancing the value of their wealth, either through tailor-made discretionary account management or personalised advisory services.



Handelsbanken Handelsbanken aims to be a universal bank, in other words, to cover the entire banking area: traditional corporate transactions, investment banking and trading as well as consumer banking including life insurance. Handelsbanken is strong on the Swedish market with more than 460 branches. During the last 15 years, Handelsbanken has been expanding its universal banking operations into the other Nordic countries, and in recent years also in Great Britain.Handelsbanken is a universal bank, in other words the Bank provides services in the whole banking area. With 461 branches (30 June 2008), Handelsbanken is strong in the Swedish market.
Over the past 15 years, universal banking operations have been developed in the other Nordic countries, and since 2000 also in Great Britain. As at 30 June 2008 Handelsbanken had 40 branches in Denmark, 44 in Finland, 46 in Norway and 49 in Great Britain. In addition there are 35 branches in 17 other countries.
Handelsbanken's goals
  • Handelsbanken's financial goal is to have higher profitability than the average for its competitors
  • The financial goal should be achieved by the Bank having more satisfied customers and lower costs than its competitors
Handelsbanken's strengths
  • Handelsbanken has had higher profitability than the average for its competitors for the past 36 years
  • Handelsbanken has had the highest level of customer satisfaction for the past 18 years
  • Handelsbanken has been the most cost-effective universal bank in Europe for many years
  • For a long time, Handelsbanken has had a lower loan loss ratio than its competitors
Handelsbanken's corporate philosophy
  • A strongly decentralised organisation - the branch is the Bank
  • The customer in focus - not individual products
  • Profitability is always given higher priority than volumes
  • A long-term perspective
  • Oktogonen - the Bank's profit-sharing system

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB…

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB SEB is one of Europe’s leading banks. Their success builds on innovative thinking, an international presence and strong, long-term relationships. And has done so for more than 150 years. They focus on companies and private customers with exacting requirements. And they promise them an enriching relationship.In Sweden SEB 200-plus branches all over the country are at the disposal of both private individuals and companies. Through their Internet services, telephone banking and mobile banking services they are available to their customers regardless of time and place.
For private individuals SEB offers solutions regarding everything from paying bills to share-trading and financing for accommodation. As far as your savings are concerned, SEB has both expertise and solutions, regardless of whether you want to save for a summer house or for your pension.
SEB is a natural financial partner for companies. With its in-depth knowledge of the Swedish corporate market and a wealth of services for all types of companies and businesses, SEB has the ability to follow the companies out onto new markets.
SEB offers its retail clients an extensive range of financial services. As part of a European finance group with operations in Sweden, the Nordic countries and rest of Europe, SEB offers banking services through a variety of channels. Customers can choose how and when to conduct their banking needs through any one of their 675 offices or via their mobile banking service. In addition SEB’s advanced internet solutions enable their customers to perform online transactions, such as paying bills or stockbroking services.

Their vision

Their vision is for customers to rank them highest within their chosen markets in Northern Europe and to be leading in terms of profitability.

Their mission

SEB's business idea is to provide financial services and to manage financial risks and transactions for companies and private individuals in such a way that the customers are satisfied, the shareholders receive a competitive yield and the bank is regarded as a good corporate citizen.

Their promises

  • They promise their customers, their employees and society a rewarding relationship.
  • They are a bank for customers with exacting requirements.
  • They are there for everyone who strives to live life to the full.
  • They have solutions for all phases of life. For individuals as well as companies.
  • They always aim to go one step further for the customer. And one step further than our competitors.


Core values
The SEB Group’s common corporate culture is based upon the following four values: Continuity, Mutual respect, Professionalism and Commitment.
As a financial institution, SEB must earn the trust of their clients and of society. High ethical standards are an integral part of the way they do business.

HQ Bank…

HQ Bank  
HQ Bank is a creative and ideas-driven bank for existing and potential major investors. Their explore business opportunities and develop innovative financial solutions.

Asset Management

Everything we do at HQ Asset Management is guided by a continual needs analysis. It is not until we have conducted a thorough review of your particular expectations and aims that we can guide the management of your assets towards the best possible outcome. And this is about much more than just shares.
You can decide yourself whether to take the regular decisions about your portfolio or whether to pass that responsibility to them.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance offers professional financial advice in public and private mergers, acquisitions and divestments, stock-market-related transactions and in conjunction with matters of ownership and capital structure.
Corporate Finance is active primarily on the Swedish market and, to some degree, on the other Nordic markets and the Russian market. Clients of Corporate Finance are mainly small and medium-sized entities and investors/entrepreneurs, mainly based in Sweden, as well as international entities and investors that are active on the Swedish market.
The central tenet of HQ's Corporate Finance unit is to generate added value and build long-term relationships, where clients are able to take advantage of the comprehensive experience of transactions and industrial expertise. The guiding principles of the operations are thorough analysis, a high level of quality and confidentiality, combined with long-term thinking.

Structured Products

Structured Products are dynamic tools for investors wishing to achieve a desired exposure in a cost-effective and simple manner.
Structured Products can be designed to provide financial exposure to a specific class of asset or market and can provide a better risk-adjusted return than a direct investment.

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