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Below are the description of some major Banks in Netherlands... 

The Dutch Bank…

The Dutch Bank De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, The Dutch Bank) is the central bank of the Netherlands. It is part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is responsible for safeguarding financial stability. More particularly, DNB contributes to defining and implementing the single monetary policy of the countries which have introduced the euro promotes the smooth operation of the payment system, and supervises financial institutions and the financial sector.
If you buy an insurance policy, you assume that the insurer will be able to pay up if you should have to file a claim. Pensioners assume their pensions will be duly paid into their accounts each month. And workers who have their salaries paid into a bank account should be able to rest assured that their money is in safe hands. De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) works for a reliable financial system in which institutions meet their obligations.
De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) acts as an adviser to the Dutch government. Also, it performs important functions in several consultative bodies. In offering independent economic advice, DNB contributes to sound economic policy-making on both the national and the international level. DNB is able to do so on the strength of its expertise, its reputation and its independent position.

ING Group…

ING Group ING is a global financial services company providing banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services. They serve more than 85 million customers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Australia. They draw on their experience and expertise, their commitment to excellent service and their global scale to meet the needs of a broad customer base, comprising individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments.
Mission & Strategy

ING is an international financial services company and one of the world’s largest savings banks. They are essentially a retail operation active in banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services. Their business model centres on collecting retail savings and pensions and then investing them across a conservative selection of well-diversified assets. Risk management is embedded in every level of their business.

Strategic Focus

* Focus on banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services
* Provide retail customers with the products they need to grow savings, manage investments and prepare for retirement
* Invest in bank distribution and high-growth markets
* Continuous improvement of business fundamentals and maintaining strength in capital and risk management


“Setting the standard in helping the customers manage their financial future.”


ING remains focused on creating value for shareholders and rewarding them with a better total return on investment than the average of their peers in the financial sector over the longer term.

These four key points of our strategy will ensure they deliver on this goal:

* Focus on banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services
* Provide retail customers with the products they need
* Invest in bank distribution and high-growth markets
* Continue to improve business fundamentals

ING Business Principles

As a global provider of financial products and services, ING plays an important role in society. In order to fulfil this role it needs to maintain the confidence of its customers, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders by acting with professionalism and integrity.

ING Group attaches paramount importance to upholding its reputation, and the ING Business Principles play an important role in this respect. ING expects the highest levels of integrity from its employees, regardless of their position in the organisation.

The ING Business Principles were first introduced in 1999. They were updated in 2004.

The ING Business Principles are:

* Committed to our integrity
* Aim for an above average return
* Open and clear
* Promote sustainable development and respect human rights
* Respect each other
* Involved in the communities they operate in


* The Business Principles apply to the whole of ING Group, its subsidiaries and business units and to every employee.
* It is the responsibility of all those in authority at ING to ensure that these Principles are fully communicated to all present and future staff. They must also ensure that these are strictly observed.
* The members of the Executive Board and all Managers are responsible for applying the Business Principles within their areas of responsibility.
* The Executive Board receives regular reports, including an annual review, on the effective operation of the Business Principles.

Triodos Bank N.V.…

Triodos Bank N.V. Triodos Slope N.V. is a repository based in the Holland with branches in Belgium, Deutschland, Fused Field and Spain. It is a cause in honourable banking. Triodos Finances finances companies which it thinks add social valuate and goodness both fill and the environment. The argot, Triodos - "tri hodos" - is translated from the Hellenic as "three-way way".In all digit countries where Triodos Side complex, Triodos Fundament mobilises donations to hold explore and developing in the sectors in which Triodos Finances is open. The Fundament's aim is to challenge both subject and worldwide initiatives that cause, art and culture, pedagogy and upbeat protection. In all of these comic, Triodos Support manages specific finances.Triodos Incline finances companies, institutions and projects that add social see and benefit grouping and the environment, with the hold of depositors and investors who want to encourage joint multiethnic arena and a sustainable gild.Their commission is to assist create a society that promotes people's wellborn of spiritedness and that has fallible mien at its set,to enable individuals, institutions and businesses to use money much consciously in construction that benefit fill and the surround, and designate sustainable developing,to give our customers sustainable business products and countertenor beliefs roughly what is crucial to fill as a value-led orderliness.Triodos Incline organized values are: Sustainability,picture,excellence,entrepreneurship.Their Enterprise Principles supply a framing for the way they convey our acting, and agree for their day-to-day decision-making. They are the principles that rule their manage and set the received by which inside and outside stakeholders can try them. Triodos Funds Commercialism Principles dispense to all directors, executives, direction and co-workers, and are allied to our set values. They conceive that their Line Principles ply planetary requirements of a code of bring.Triodos point and obey the law,see frail rights,honour the surround,be accountable,straight status.


Rabobank The two botanist served their pastoral communities independently for three-quarters of a century, both successfully practicing synergistic banking principles. Therefore their 1972 merger was a dianoetic partnership. In 1980 the give decided to formally espouse the constitute that it had been using informally for some period - Rabobank Nederland - a combining of the archetypal letters of the two originative synergistic banks that covered the unification of their identities. Today Rabobank is owned by 161 anaesthetic botanist, all employed together to supply business services and products to the Nation retail and byplay markets.Rabobank Gather is a full-range business services provider supported on synergistic principles. They are a worldwide slicker in Food and Agri finance and in sustainability-oriented banking. The Assemble comprises 161 autarkic topical Land Rabobanks, a volumed identify of specialised world offices and subsidiaries. Food & Business is the socialism number focus of the Rabobank Radical.The Rabobank Assemble has the maximal ascribe rank (AAA), awarded by the well-known transnational assessment agencies Moody's and Acceptable & Beggarly's. In status of Tier 1 Cap, the activity is among the humans's cardinal maximal business institutions.Rabobank businessperson that operates on helpful principles. Its origins lie in the local give cooperatives that were supported in the Holland nearly 110 geezerhood ago by adventurous people who had virtually no admittance to the great trace of the localized Rabobanks with the expertise and economies of attain of Rabobank Nederland and it subsidiaries.Rabobank attaches uppercase view to having and holding mitigated customers. That is why one of its core objectives is to create the highest workable consumer continuance. Customer value is echolike in the honour of consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Rabobank is caviling of itself and is lancinating to inform from clients what it does wellspring and what could be restored.Over the quondam period Rabobank has cashed a great hatful of tending to the study and accordingly implemented measures that hone its own method of organisation.Joint interpersonal domain is gradually excavation its way into the nucleus of their concern. Kinda than to verify their customers off, they do this to refer risks and opportunities underlying in large payment facilities and transactions. In addition, they substantially protracted their extent of sustainable finance products and matured groundbreaking products specified as the Dutch commendation bill with status compensation.They also took activity to omit incertain companies from their pension fund's investments and are action steps towards achieving carbon-neutral mercantilism dealing.For companies hunt finance for proposed activities, financial institutions specified as Rabobank are real oftentimes vital. This gives them influence on promotion decisions and on the consequences of those investments for the environs in which we resilient.Rabobank is steadfastly sworn to achieving peak guest amount, and that committal has old leg. A turn has been prefab on the development of unscheduled sustainable versions of conventional products and services for their Nation clients, much as the Rabo Condition Mortgage, the Rabocard achievement salutation with condition rectification, and the Rabo River Savings declare.The Rabobank Forgather facilitates emissions trading through CLIMEX, an electronic trading level. CLIMEX also organises auctions of CO2 credits for a capability of Dweller public-sector organisations. Rabobank International's Artifact & Brave Derivatives Aggroup trades in CO2 rights and certificated egression rights for colossal joint customers.

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