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Below are the description of some major Banks in France...


NATIXIS Natixis is a French corporate and investment bank created on 17 November 2006 from the merger of Natexis Banque Populaire (Banque Populaire group) and Ixis (Caisse d'Epargne group). Natixis Bank is the main company within Natixis group, which includes all companies from both Natexis and Ixis groups.
Corporate and Investment Banking provides clients with an extensive range of solutions encompassing loans, structured finance, capital market and cash management products, leasing, securitization, advisory services and financial engineering.
This variety of expertise is synergized and underpinned by top quality research, all with a view to delivering high value-added, innovative and customized solutions geared to the needs of corporations, institutional investors, insurers and banks. Corporate and Investment Banking maintains personalized local relations with clients via a worldwide network of over 50 offices. The two original shareholders still control Natixis though the company is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Natixis has a 24,000-strong workforce and is presence in 68 countries.
With 52 % of Corporate and Investment Banking revenues now generated outside France, business continues to expand fast, particularly in Asia and North Americas and in high-potential markets like the Middle East.
Banking services
  • Wholesale banking
  • Foreign exchange dealing, banking
  • Financial intermediation services, banking
  • Risk capital/venture capital lending, banking
  • Hire purchase and leasing finance, banking
  • Long term loans, banking
  • Medium and short-term loans, banking
  • Issue of loans and securities, banking
  • International banking
  • Commercial credits, large, banking
  • Export and trading credits, banking 

Banque De La Reunion…

Banque De La Reunion The Bank of the meeting (Banque de la Réunion) is part of Group OCÉOR, the commercial banking division of Groupe Caisse d'Epargne on the international and overseas french.It was created on 4 July 1853. It is therefore the oldest place of the meeting, bringing the No. 1 in the commercial register. The Bank of the Meeting is to serve all customers, including individuals, professional associations, businesses, communities.
The Company's principal activity is to operate as a regional bank. It offers a range of banking products and services to private customers, professionals and companies, including life assurance and electronic banking. Main areas of operation are the Indian Ocean islands of Reunion, Madagascar, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Mayotte and the Comores.


CALYON Calyon accompanies its clients from its spheric locations. Greater than 13,000 employees are located in 58 countries in Americas, Africa, Continent, the Intervening Eastern and Collection and Pacific. Calyon specialises in the businesses of great markets and promotion and corporate banking.The advert system is in two parts : geographical reporting for multi-business clients and sector amount to portion know-how acquired in the depository's varied divisions with clients in technical sector sectors. Two units, French regional division and Alien delegations partitioning, copulate Crédit Agricole Forgather's middle-market clients, respectively in France and in the quietus of the world.Consultive services and justness finance performed by Reporting and Finance Banking are as follows: mergers & acquisitions, justice great markets, joint justice derivatives and loan syndication. A devoted team meets clients' particular requirements in the extent of Islamic direction.Calyon Rigid Income division lines (commodities, debt and commendation markets, extrinsic commutation, occupy measure derivatives and deposit) and one commercialised separation. These trading and sales entities are subsidised by dedicated investigate departments.The Equator Principles in projection financeWhen the Equator Principles were launched in 2003, Calyon became the eldest Land incline to experience them. In a few shortened geezerhood, the Principles human beautify the reference for sphere in projection business. This cooperation to obey with indisputable. It involves Calyon's propose direction teams on a day-to-day basis, and gives an quick persona in the judgment impact to a show of actors.

HSBC Bank…

HSBC Bank Since joining the HSBC Group in July 2000, HSBC France has become a leading bank in France and a global banking group. It offers a wide range of services including retail banking, corporate & investment banking, markets, asset management, insurance and private banking. Integration with the HSBC Group has substantially strengthened HSBC France's international capability.
HSBC France has a nationwide network of 774 branches, including branches of 11 regional banks which are part of HSBC France. The bank has a mainly affluent personal customer base, and prides itself on the quality of its advice and service. HSBC France continues to expand its retail banking business and international business services. Multi-channel banking remains a key strategic priority.
HSBC France is the HSBC Group’s main platform for corporate and investment banking activities in the euro zone. It has become the Group's centre of expertise in some businesses, such as equity derivatives. Through synergies with the HSBC Group, HSBC France now offers a full range of services in corporate finance, treasury, capital markets, new issues and origination, and securities.
HSBC France develops its asset management  business through three subsidiaries: HSBC Asset Management Europe SA, portfolio management and investment advisory services subsidiary of the HSBC Group in the eurozone, Sinopia, the HSBC's global centre of expertise in guaranteed and structured products, while HSBC Multimanager (Europe) spearheads the Group's multimanager fund business in continental Europe.
The two insurance subsidiaries, Erisa and Erisa Iard, offer an extensive range of products and services in life insurance, investment products and non-life insurance.
HSBC France has combined its four private banking subsidiaries to create HSBC Private Bank France, a leading player in the French market with €16.3 million in funds under management at the end of 2003. HSBC Private Bank France offers high net worth individuals a comprehensive rang of services to meet all financial planning, advisory, and banking needs.

BNP Paribas…

BNP Paribas BNP Paribas is a European leader in banking and financial services, with a significant and growing presence in the United States and leading positions in Asia. The Group has one of the largest international banking networks, a presence in over 85 countries and 171,200 employees including: 131,000 in Europe - among whom 19,600 in Italy and 64,000 in France and in the Overseas Departments; 15,000 in North America and 10,000 in Asia.With a presence in more than 85 countries, including all the main international financial markets, BNP Paribas can boast one of the most extensive global banking networks. The mutually complementary nature of its commercial and financial activities also enables BNP Paribas to play an outstanding role in the provision of Corporate and Investment Banking, international private banking and asset management.

Core Values

In all its core businesses, BNP Paribas is determined to be a benchmark banking group, focusing on customer satisfaction and actively pursuing the improvement of its earning capacity.
Created as a collective project, conceived by a group of men and women at the service of their customers and shareholders, the “bank for a changing world” has adopted, from the very start, four corporate values that together encapsulate the essence of its action: Responsiveness, Creativity, Commitment, Ambition. These core values all come together under the umbrella of the BNP Paribas signature and logo, the four stars “taking flight” emblem, a symbol of dynamism and progress.
  • Speed in the assessment of new situations and developments, and in identifying opportunities and risks
  • Efficiency in decision making and in action
  • Encouraging initiatives and new ideas
  • Recognising contributions
  • Commitment to the service of clients and collective accomplishment
  • Exemplary behavior
  • Aspiration for challenge and leadership
  • Desire to obtain team success in a competition where the referee is the client

Banque de Savoie…

Banque de Savoie Local regional bank par excellence, the Banque de Savoie was able to affirm and develop its role as an economic actor with a clientele of individuals, professionals and enterprises in promoting, with them, an ongoing dialogue.This will maintain direct contact through its 58 agencies did not prevent it from turning to new technologies and to offer, via its website, a channel of communication. This will maintain direct contact through its 58 agencies did not prevent it from turning to new technologies and to offer, via its website, a channel of communication.
Their ambition is to continue to offer products in constant evolution and quality services that cover all needs related to both your personal life and your work.

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