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Below are the description of some major Banks in UK... 

Bank of Enagland…

Bank of England The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom. Sometimes known as the 'Old Lady' of Threadneedle Street, the Bank was founded in 1694, nationalized on 1 March 1946, and gained independence in 1997. Standing at the center of the UK's financial system, the Bank is committed to promoting and maintaining monetary and financial stability as its contribution to a healthy economy.One of the Bank of England's two core purposes is monetary stability. Monetary stability means stable prices - low inflation - and confidence in the currency. Stable prices are defined by the Government's inflation target, which the Bank seeks to meet through the decisions on interest rates taken by the Monetary Policy Committee.
The Bank's role is to contribute to maintaining the stability of the UK financial system. It aims to identify and draw attention to potential vulnerabilities and risks and to assist in efforts to ensure the system remains resilient and risks are reduced.
Substantial work is underway in the light of the recent financial market turmoil to help rebuild confidence in financial institutions, and to reduce the likelihood and impact of a recurrence.

Barclays Bank…

Barclays Bank Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services, with an extensive international presence in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia.With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs over 150,000 people.Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for over 42 million customers and clients worldwide.
They can advise you on your current situation and work with you to achieve your financial goals.


The Royal Bank of Scotland…

The Royal Bank of Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland Group has grown from small beginnings nearly 300 years ago to become one of the largest financial services groups in the world. Their brands operate around the globe and down your street to provide banking services for individuals, businesses and institutions. Proud of their history, they remain committed to innovation and service - in business and through their many sponsorship activities.

As well as having the largest branch network in the UK and providing market-leading wealth management, consumer finance, insurance and corporate banking solutions to millions of customers, the RBS Group has a growing presence across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Their Businesses

RBS is one of the world's top 10 financial services groups and a leading provider of personal, business and institutional banking services.

Personal Finances

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group's Personal Banking businesses provide customers in the UK and overseas with a comprehensive range of banking services - from everyday accounts to mortgages, loans, investments and insurance.

Wealth Management

Their Wealth Management businesses provide private banking and investment services to global clients through a number of UK and overseas private banking subsidiaries, and offshore banking businesses.

Business & Commercial

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group's Business & Commercial brands offer a range of tailored products and services for small businesses, as well as providing a network of branch-based business advisers.

Corporate & Institutional

Global Banking and Markets supports the requirements of large international corporations and institutions, providing access to a full range of services in global financial markets, while Corporate Banking focuses on building long-term relationships with our corporate and commercial customers.

Standard Chartered Bank…

Standard Chartered Bank The Standard Chartered Group was formed in 1969 through a merger of two banks: The Standard Bank of British South Africa founded in 1863 and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, founded in 1853.

Both companies were keen to capitalize on the huge expansion of trade and to earn the handsome profits to be made from financing the movement of goods from Europe to the East and to Africa.
Principles & Values

At Standard Chartered their success is built on teamwork, partnership and the diversity of our people.

At the heart of their values lie diversity and inclusion. They are a fundamental part of our culture, and constitute a long-term priority in their aim to become the world's best international bank.

Today they employ 75,000 people, representing 115 nationalities, and you'll find 60 nationalities among their 500 most senior leaders. They believe this diversity helps to fuel creativity and innovation, supporting the development of exciting new products and services for their customers worldwide.

Strategic intent

* The world's best international bank
* Leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East


* Responsive
* Trustworthy
* International
* Creative
* Courageous


* Participation: Focusing on attractive, growing markets where they can leverage our relationships and expertise
* Competitive positioning: Combining global capability, deep local knowledge and creativity to outperform their competitors
* Management Discipline: Continuously improving the way they work, balancing the pursuit of growth with firm control of costs and risks

Business & Strategy

Listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Standard Chartered PLC is consistently ranked in the top 25 FTSE 100 companies by market capitalization.

Their three main businesses - Personal Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Treasury - are all well-represented in Europe and contribute significantly to the global earnings of the Group.

By combining their global capabilities with deep local knowledge, they develop innovative products and services to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of individual, corporate and institutional customers in some of the world's most exciting and dynamic markets.

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