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Below are the description of some major Banks in Finland... 

Bank of Finland…

Bank of Finland The Bank of Finland acts as Finland's central bank, national monetary authority and member of the European System of central banks and the Eurosystem. It is the fourth oldest central bank in the world.The Eurosystem covers the European Central Bank and the euro area central banks. It administers the world's second largest currency, the euro. There are over 300 million people living in the euro area and from the beginning of 2008 the area covers 15 countries. Therefore, the Bank of Finland's strategies are related to both domestic and Eurosystem objectives.
The main objective of the Eurosystem and Bank of Finland alike is price stability, which means maintaining a moderate rise in consumer prices. Price stability creates the prerequisites for a sound economy. In order to meet this objective, the Bank of Finland participates in the preparation and decision-making process of the Eurosystem's monetary policy as well as implementing the policy in Finland. A broad research base provides a solid background to the Bank's expertise in these tasks.
In addition to monetary policy and research, the Bank of Finland has three other core functions:
  • financial markets and statistics, banking operations and the maintenance of currency supply
  • there are a little under 500 persons working at the Bank of Finland and
  • an additional 140 in association with it at the Financial Supervision Authority (FIN-FSA).
One of the aims of the Bank of Finland is to be an active participant in the Eurosystem. This participation is based on the high level of professional expertise of the economists and other experts employed by the Bank. One pillar of this expertise is research that places the Bank of Finland among the world’s leading central banks in selected key areas. Since the Bank's research should meet academic standards, they seek to publish their research reports in recognized international journals. At the same time, they utilize synergistic benefits between research and policy analysis.

Aktia Bank…

Aktia Bank Aktia is a bilingual Finnish bank that responds to the needs of its customers: private individuals, local companies, municipalities, and non-profit organisations. Aktia's 84 branch offices are mainly situated on the coast and in growth areas like Tampere.
With its partners, savings banks and local co-operative banks, Aktia operates an extensive network of about 430 branch offices.
Aktia serves as the central financial institute for savings and local co-operative banks, it is engaged in deposit banking, and operates as an authorized securities broker with a comprehensive network of global correspondent banks. Aktia is approved by the Bank of Finland as counterparty for open market operations and is a party to the Bank of Finland's payments, liquidity and cheque account facilities.
They are the leading bank in Finland in catering for their customers and their banking and financial affairs.

Evli Bank…

Evli Bank Evli Bank Plc is an independent investment bank whose clients are entrepreneurs, corporate executives and investment professionals. As a bank that is not only owned by entrepreneurs, but holds entrepreneurial spirit as a key value, Evli has a profound understanding of the needs of such clients. Through its special competence, Evli can offer its clients high-quality, individualized service.Evli was established in 1985, and has ever since been a pioneer and trailblazer in the rapidly developing capital markets. Evli owes its leading position to its strong expertise and experience, and its ability to find new solutions for clients in fluctuating markets. To supplement its own skills, Evli cooperates closely with leading international experts.
Evli’s primary market area is the Baltic Sea region. In this area, the company operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Evli also has offices in Luxembourg and through its joint venture Nordic Partners, Inc. in New York.
Evli's mission
  • Create wealth
Evli's values
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Valuable client and colleague relationships
  • Learning continuously
  • Integrity

Sampo Bank…

Sampo Bank Sampo Bank's operations started in 1887 with the Postal Savings Bank, which was owned by the Finnish Government and accepted deposits from the public at post offices. The Postal Savings Bank's assets were initially invested in government bonds but after the Second World War, the banking business gradually expanded to lending aimed at energy and industrial enterprises and residential construction.The introduction of the first modern payment system, the postal giro, during the Winter War in 1939 was a significant step. The Postal Savings Bank was the first enterprise in Finland to enter the computer age in 1958 as the bank adopted an IBM "electric brain" called Ensi.
The Postal Savings Bank, which operated as a state enterprise, was renamed Postipankki in 1970. The bank became a state-owned limited company in 1988 and started to operate as a full-service bank similar to private commercial banks.
Sampo Bank is a part of the Danske Bank Group, which is one of the largest financial enterprise in the Nordic region. Sampo Bank has more than 1.1 million personal customers and more than 100,000 corporate and institutional customers in Finland.
Sampo Bank became a part of the Danske Bank group in February 2007. In March 2008, the migration of Sampo Bank to Danske Bank's shared IT-platform was completed. Danske Bank wish to create a unique banking products model and collect best practise – the Danske Banking Concept – in all of its fields of activity.
Sampo Bank's top management is based in Helsinki. The country-specific functions managed from Helsinki also include business development, HR management, asset management, communications, financing, legal affairs and credit risk management.
Their vision in the Danske Bank group is "One platform – exceptional brands". Their goal is to be the "best local financial partner".
Their goal is to become a more significant bank operator in Finland. Their strategy is to grow in each customer segment, increase their market share and offer their customers better services at more competitive prices.
Their goal is to be the most customer-oriented bank that produces benefits to the customer. In other words, their goal is to be the best Finnish bank that offers extraordinary service.
To succeed in this task Sampo Bank continues the 'Benefits for customers' project started in 2005.
The economic partnership between the bank and customers is based on mutual respect, openness, honesty, interactivity and awareness of customers' conditions, needs and wishes.
Sampo Bank values
  • Benefit the customer
  • By far the most active
  • Straight talk
  • One team
  • Bravely different
  • Will to win

Bank of Aland Plc…

Bank of Aland Plc
A big bank in Aland. A small bank in Finland. A secure, stable bank with satisfied customers.The Bank of Aland Plc offer all their customers, including corporate customers, a full range of services.Their strength is that they are a small, successful bank.For you, that means:
  • Personalised service
  • A minimum of paperwork
  • It is easy for you to open a no-fee account (just bring your passport).
They have their roots in the Aland archipelago of Finland, but the bank has also operated successfully on the Finnish mainland since the mid-1980s. They have offices in the Helsinki region (Bulevardi, Aleksanterinkatu, Munkkiniemen Puistotie and in Espoo Tapiola) as well as in the cities of Turku, Pargas, Tampere and Vaasa.
In addition, their Internet bank offers a number of services that you will find nowhere else, for example their budget tool and the popular digital piggy bank.
Their Internet bank offers a wide range of cutting-edge digital services, giving you a complete overview of your finances.

Tapiola Bank…

Tapiola Bank Tapiola Bank Ltd is a modern bank, serving the customers over the Internet, by phone or at offices throughout Finland. At the early stage the bank is offering services mainly to Tapiola’s private household customers. Corporations are served by the insurance companies of the Tapiola Group. Tapiola Bank is owned by the other companies of the Tapiola Group, thus also owned by the policyholders.As a new business division of Finland’s Tapiola Group, Tapiola Bank had very specific requirements for the archival storage of accounting and transaction records. Its archive strategy needed to comply with banking regulations while meeting internal operational and budget considerations.
Finland-based Internet bank Tapiola has since its foundation in 2002 been able to position itself as a highly competitive player in the Finnish banking market. Created as a supplementary service to parent company Tapiola Group’s customers, it has since become a success among financial service consumers in general. Through a strategy of low-cost, time-efficient services and the provision of a variety of channels for communicating with customers, the bank has been able to grow at an estimated 60% yearly. Tapiola Bank differentiates itself from competitors by operating outside the classic brick and mortar branch setting while still delivering face-to-face on-location service. The combination of low-cost online banking and on-demand personal advisory services is, according to Tapiola, an important reason for their success, as it offers customers the best of two worlds.
One key to the success of the Tapiola Group is Tapiola Data, the Bank’s internal IT division, which is responsible for the technology infrastructure needs of the company’s 3,000 employees and their customers. Using a combination of internal resources and outsourced services, Tapiola Data designed and implemented — and now supports — a storage strategy for the Tapiola Bank.

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