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 Below are the description of some major Banks in Ireland...

Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Irelan...

Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland The Central Bank of Ireland, which came into being in 1943. It was re-structured and re-named as the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland (CBFSAI) on 1 May 2003. This body carries out all of the activities formerly carried out by the Central Bank of Ireland and additional regulatory and consumer protection functions for the financial services sector.

The CBFSAI has two component entities:

* The Central Bank, which has responsibility for monetary policy functions, financial stability, economic analysis, currency and payment systems, investment of foreign and domestic assets and the provision of central services.
* The Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (Financial Regulator), which is an autonomous entity within the CBFSAI and has responsibility for financial sector regulation and consumer protection.

The Central Bank became part of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in Europe in 1999. The national central banks of the euro area together with the European Central Bank (ECB) form the Eurosystem. The primary objective of the Eurosystem is to maintain price stability in the euro area. This is the most effective means by which Eurosystem monetary policy can support economic growth in the national economies of the member states.

Anglo Irish Bank Corporation plc.…

Anglo Irish Bank Corporation plc Anglo Irish Bank knows that relationships are more important than money. The bank provides customized business banking and private banking services and products through about 20 offices in Ireland, the UK, the US, and Switzerland.Anglo Irish Bank Corporation plc, headquartered in Dublin, is a relationship based business bank operating in three core areas – business banking (lending, leasing, asset finance, international trade, and film production financing), treasury (risk management, deposits, and debt capital markets services), and wealth management (private banking, asset management, and investment advice).
Not a universal bank, Anglo Irish Bank has a focus on providing differentiated products where a superior service can be delivered to its customers. The Bank operates a centralised business model which facilitates quick decision making, consistent risk management and effective delivery for its customers.
A key element in the Bank’s development to date is the skill, professionalism and commitment of its people. Now numbering almost 1,900 across the Group, they remain central to the Bank’s continued success.
Anglo Irish Bank's long established reputation, built on relationship management, service quality and professionalism, has been the foundation for the Bank's sustained market leading performance.

ACC Bank plc…

ACCBank ACCBank plc is a commercial bank in Ireland that focuses on agriculture and SME lending. The bank has its origins in the Agricultural Credit Corporation (Corparáid an Chairde Talmhaíochta) set up in 1927 in the Irish Free State to finance agriculture, the bank was successful and lead to the creation of the Industrial Credit Company which was modelled on it and provided finance to industry.ACCBank understands that banking is about people. They build strong personal relationships with the customers, which enable you to get what you need, when you need it. They do this by getting to know you and understanding your business banking needs – providing an efficient and effective banking solution to match these needs.
They are a specialist bank for small to medium sized businesses with the backing of one of the safest banks in the world, Rabobank.

Products & Services

Most businesses require a loan at some stage of their development, whether it is to expand business, acquire another business, purchase premises or to finance a development project. Whatever ideas and plans you have for the future of your business at ACCBank they can tailor a loan to fit your company’s specific needs.
The Bank offer a wide range of competitive loan facilities and products to meets the needs of business owners.

Asset Finance & Leasing

With ACCBank Asset Finance you can buy or lease the equipment and machinery you need to transform your business, without compromising your cashflow. That way you see the benefits almost immediately, while the costs are managed in a way that suits your business.
Their experienced asset finance specialists can work with you to plan a financing package that works for you now and in the future.
They can provide an asset finance solution designed around the type of asset you are looking to acquire. Whether you are looking for a new car, tractor, van, truck or plant and equipment their asset finance specialists will ensure that whatever finance plan you choose, you can be sure it helps you get the most out of your assets.

Deposit Accounts
  • Demand Deposit Accounts
With an ACCBank Demand Deposit Account you can earn interest on your savings while still being able to access your money at any time. Their Demand Deposit Account is easy to open and simple to operate. They offer a tailored service with competitive interest rates.
  • Fixed Deposit Accounts
At ACCBank they offer Fixed Term Deposit Accounts ranging from short term (30, 90, 180 & 270 days) to medium term (365 days). ACCBank's Fixed Deposit Accounts are available in Euro, GB£ & US$.

Wealth Management
ACCBank's team of wealth management specialists provide individuals and businesses with tailor made advice for wealth protection, wealth generation and wealth transfer. ACCBank work closely with you to develop innovative and sophisticated wealth management strategies based on specific requirements - managing, maximising and transferring wealth in a tax efficient manner.
Their status as an independent broker strengthens their range of leading products including investments in cash, equities, property, gilt and managed funds. This combination of both their own and other market leading products allows them to offer tailored solutions to their customers.
ACCBank offers an approach to wealth management that puts you first. They are committed to delivering maximum value and creating trusted, long-term business relationships.

Allied Irish Banks plc…

Allied Irish Banks Allied Irish Banks is a major commercial bank based in Ireland not to be mistaken for Anglo Irish Bank. AIB is one of the so called Big Four commercial banks in Ireland. The bank has one of the largest branch networks in Ireland; only Bank of Ireland fully rivals it.Allied Irish Banks, together with its subsidiaries, is involved in retail and corporate banking, investment banking and the provision of asset management services.
The business of the Group is operated through four major operating divisions:
  • AIB Bank ROI division
  • Capital Markets division
  • AIB Bank UK division
  • Poland division
The AIB Bank ROI division encompasses the Group’s retail and commercial banking operations in Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man; AIB Finance & Leasing; the Card Acquiring and Card Issuing businesses, and AIB’s life and pensions joint venture with Aviva. The Capital Markets division consists of corporate banking, global treasury and investment banking, which includes asset management and stockbroking activities. The AIB Bank UK division operates in two distinct markets, Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Poland Division comprises the activities of the Bank Zachodni WBK (BZWBK).
The AIB Corporate Banking Values have been part of their business since 2001. The Values are the cornerstone of our culture and behaviors and form the foundation to the success of their business.

Bank of Ireland…

Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Group is a diversified Financial Services Group with market leading positions in their chosen domestic markets and niche status in other selected markets.Bank of Ireland have a clear and compelling strategy to:
  • Maximise returns from their leading position in Ireland
  • Grow their portfolio of niche skill-based businesses internationally
  • Substantially grow their businesses in the UK
Bank of Ireland was established in 1783 by Royal Charter and today has approximately 16,000 groupwide. They are the largest Irish bank by total assets and a highly rated Irish listed Financial institution.
Bank of Ireland has been providing banking services to international companies in Ireland for over thirty years and is banker to the majority of international companies operating in Ireland. Ireland's 12.5% corporate tax rate together with the availability of a highly skilled work force makes Ireland the ideal location to establish your business.
Companies setting up in Ireland are looking for a local bank with the highest level of expertise, flexibility and overall service. Their experienced Inward Investment team provide financial expertise combined with the highest level of customer service to deliver optimal solutions for your business. These factors have ensured that Bank of Ireland continues to be the Bank of Choice for international companies setting up operations in Ireland.
At Bank of Ireland are committed to ensuring that their customers feel the difference when they interact with them. This relentless focus on the Customer is underpinned by their commitment to delivering a differentiated customer experience through the development of a series of service and channel enhancements including:
  • Saving you Time
  • Enhance their Direct Channels
  • Branch Remodeling
  • Supporting Business
  • Commitment to Service

Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Limited...

Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Limited Bank of Scotland (Ireland), already one of Ireland’s most successful business banks, has now become a full service bank with the rapid development of its personal banking business under the Halifax brand.Halifax is the new name for Bank of Scotland (Ireland) personal banking. Halifax provides personal banking products such as mortgages, loans, savings, credit cards and investment products through its branches and over the phone.
This combination makes for a Bank that is here to bring customers change for the better.
Bank of Scotland (Ireland) started off, in one form or another, in 1933 as ICC Bank. In 1965 another bank, Equity Bank, was founded and this was bought by Bank of Scotland in 1999. In 2001 Bank of Scotland (Ireland) and ICC Bank merged to form the bank that they are today.
The Banking Business in Bank of Scotland (Ireland) is made up of a number of separate Operating Divisions covering specialist sectors and geographical areas. The division currently employs circa 400 colleagues working in lending and support teams across the country.
Their focus on their banking relationship with the customer is at the centre of everything they do. Their aim is to be a "one stop shop" for Business Customers offering lending and transactional banking in the areas of Property, Business Finance, Working Capital, Invoice Discounting, Trade Finance, Sector Specific Funding, Acquisition Finance and Wealth Management.

Property Banking
The Property Finance Division is primarily involved in Investment and Development lending in the Residential, Retail, Industrial and Office sectors.
Bank of Scotland (Ireland) has provided development finance for some of the biggest construction projects in Ireland over the past 10 years and will endeavour to build further on their reputation. Development funding is principally provided in the form of land acquisition funding and development working capital. Bank of Scotland (Ireland) primarily provide funding for housing and commercial projects in urban areas in Ireland.

Regional Banking
Their focus is totally on the customer, they are very strong on relationship cultivation, management and retention. The Regional Business is a hybrid of both Property and Business Banking and they provide the full range of banking products and services to their clients. They have technical product specialists from Wealth Management, Asset Finance and Treasury operating out of specific regional offices to further enhance customer service and relationship management.

Business Banking
Their mission is to grow Business Banking by continuing to develop quality business relationships with both clients and business introducers. They provide an effective top quality service to all clients and producers by making available their fully integrated range of banking products.
Their team in Business Banking consists of 4 General Business and Trading banking teams, Tourism & Leisure and Working Capital Sales Division. T&L is involved in provision of the finance of pubs and hotels throughout Ireland. Working Capital Invoice Discounting and Trade Finance products are sold via the Working Capital sales division. In addition to the above, They also have specialist knowledge in syndicated lending and the funding of investment proposals from high net worth clients.
Bank of Scotland's aim is to work closely with other front facing Divisions in the Bank such as Integrated & Acquisition Finance, Wealth Management, Asset Finance, Treasury and Venture Capital in structuring deals to fulfil their clients needs and maximizing their relationship with the customer.

Wealth Management

Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Wealth Management Limited is regulated by the Financial Regulator as a multi-agency intermediary. Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Wealth Management Limited is a subsidiary of Bank of Scotland (Ireland) which is part of HBOS plc.

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